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Littleton Education Foundation provides resources and opportunities that all children in the Littleton Elementary School District need to be successful in school and in their lives.

We are a Nonprofit Foundation

The Littleton Education Foundation is a nonprofit foundation serving the Littleton Elementary School District (LESD) students, staff, family, and the community. The purpose of the Foundation is to expand opportunities and supplement curriculum in the areas of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). 

We appreciate your continued help in ensuring 5,300 students have the opportunity to thrive in the Littleton Elementary School District, Leaders in Learning, Caring and Growing.

Not Out of My Pocket! Classroom Resource Fund

A district survey was conducted in February 2016 to determine how much teachers were spending of their own money to supplement classroom materials in order to teach curriculum. Over 90 percent of classroom teachers responded, with 27 percent reporting spending more than $500 annually out-of-pocket. Twenty one percent of our teachers are spending $300–$500, 28 percent are spending $100–$300, and 25 percent are spending up to $100. These figures support anecdotal evidence from 2015 Westside Impact Teacher of the Year honorees, who identified funds for teachers to use in lieu of teachers paying out-of-pocket as a primary need, since funds provided for classroom materials for curriculum support towards student success are inadequate.

Little Education Foundation has identified the need to support all Littleton ESD classroom teachers with funding for classroom materials as a key focus in order to make a broad impact in the district. To this end, LEF is launching the pilot program, Not Out of My Pocket!, which will provide every classroom teacher a $50 gift card to either Amazon, Dollar Tree, or Home Depot. Teachers identified these as sources for classroom materials such as basic school supplies (pens, pencils, paper), technology and material for science curriculum, and worksheets and books. Teachers will report back by #notoutofmypocket on Twitter to let us know how their purchase is helping out in the classroom. We are excited about this pilot program launching March 2016!

Teacher of the Year Appreciation Dinner

On May 27, 2015, the Littleton Education Foundation held the inaugural “Westside Impact Teacher of the Year” dinner, honoring six Littleton Elementary School District teachers with $100 gift cards to use for classroom supplies. The dinner was held at the Hilton Garden Inn Restaurant in Avondale, Arizona.

Littleton Education Foundation will continue to honor Westside Impact Littleton ESD Teacher of the Year honorees with a dinner and a $100 gift card for their classrooms. We look forward to future LEF Teacher of the Year dinners.

Littleton ESD Field Trip Reimbursement Fund

Field trips brighten every student’s school year, but often families are challenged by the cost required for their child to attend, though this may be no more than the cost to cover transportation and activity fees. Teachers regularly pay missing fees out of pocket or ask for funds from the school, which may or may not be available. The schools sometimes have to postpone field trips while seeking the funds, and teachers and schools may or may not receive reimbursement by families whose budgets don’t include funds for school activities.

Littleton Education Foundation launched a pilot Littleton ESD Field Trip Reimbursement Fund program in FY 2016-17, providing the district $5,600 in hardship funding to disperse to every school, based on the number of classrooms in the school. The program allowed funds to be made available to each classroom in advance of a field trip to allow it to go forward on schedule. Teachers will reimburse the fund if students make late payments but otherwise will not need to payback funding. At the start of every school year, we will replenish the fund to its full amount to begin reimbursement to help Littleton Elementary School District students participate in upcoming field trips.